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Parks Industries excels in design and production, utilising the latest advancements in machine and software technology.


The latest in 3D technology, SolidWorks as well as AutoCAD gives our senior engineers and design team the tools to meet client requirements. Designs are modelled in 3D to enable the client to see the design process and make relevant changes which ensures our cylinder meets their requirements and specifications. Using SolidWorks we can also integrate customer supplied models with our own designs to ensure assembly integrity.


Specialised tooling and jigs are manufactured or purchased by our production team to optimise cost and lead times. Our qualified, experienced and motivated team are proud to put their craftsmanship to work in delivering precision-made components to our clients. Our machine shop is equipped with the means to manufacture and deliver products to the highest of tolerances.


Our in-cylinder linear position transducers give operators vital feedback on the cylinder’s position. They are designed for integration into Parks Industries’ hydraulic actuators, where the transducer is fitted inside the pressurised environment. The transducer uses an innovative design and can provide either an analogue or digital output signal proportional to the cylinder position.

Hydraulic Sealing Solutions

Parks Industries’ modified gland and piston arrangement combines seal design and high precision components to increase the performance of our client’s fleet. The high performance seals and close tolerance of the housings is key to the performance of Boom cylinders. Bronze welding the seal groove lands results in a tighter extrusion gap, and increases the life of the seals.

Dual Porting

Parks Industries fit clam cylinders with a dual port gland, and high performance seal design. Dual porting decreases inventory on site as it allows the cylinder to be fitted to the left or right side of the clam bucket assembly.


Warehousing our components allows us to quickly respond to our customer’s demands when refurbishing cylinders, this in turn cuts down customer lead times. Completed cylinders are also held in stock ready to be shipped immediately if required.