About Us
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About Us

Established in 1987, Parks Industries manufacture, service and repair hydraulic cylinders for the mining industry for use on fixed plant, as well as mobile equipment.


Years in Business

Our strength is in our commitment to high quality products and service. With over 30 years of accrued experience and a dedicated team of management and staff, Parks Industries continues to excel in design and production, utilising the latest advancements in machine and software technology. To maintain our position as the leading supplier of high performance hydraulic cylinders to the mining industry we operate a continuous improvement policy. Our approach of forward thinking, focus and attention to detail constantly delivers solutions.

Parks Industries has also contributed significantly to the Western Australian engineering and mining industry by providing apprenticeships and traineeships to school leavers and adults.



The West Australian mining industry is one of Parks Industries’ major markets; and our newly manufactured hydraulic cylinders and refurbished products have been used by the sector since 1987.

Mobile Equipment

Mobile equipment fleets of blue chip companies are generally manufactured overseas by major equipment manufacturers. Parks Industries has serviced hydraulic cylinders for most of the OEM companies in Australia, specialising in hydraulic seal design and reverse engineering of products.

Fixed Plant

Parks Industries products are used on most ports in Western Australia. Our product reliability has proven itself in the field for the last 15 years, achieving hydraulic cylinder cycles of 365,000 per annum and change outs for seal replacements after 3 to 4 years.